E-Book: Just Enough Software Architecture

This is an electronic book format of Just Enough Software Architecture: A Risk-Centric Approach. It has no DRM encumbrance. This bundle includes the book in three formats:

I’ve moved the sale of the book to the Google Play Store which delivers the PDF and ePub versions, but not the Kindle version (ah, competition!). If you want the Kindle version, just forward me the email with your purchase confirmation orders@rhinoresearch.com and I am happy to send it via email.

The ebook is excellent quality with hyperlinks for all references. The PDF is page-for-page the same as the printed hardback. Please see the ePub demo version of the book or the PDF version.


This e-book is licensed for your own personal use on multiple computers or e-book readers. For example, if you have an iPad, a Kindle, and a laptop, you may read the book on any. However, it is only licensed for one person’s use (that is, you), so under no circumstances should the e-book be in use by multiple people. If you want to install it on multiple devices with multiple people viewing it, you will need to purchase multiple copies, just like a physical book. It is not licensed for renting, borrowing, or use in public or private libraries.

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