Book price and Boulder architecture group

Let me be clear about something you probably already know — writing computer books is a terrible idea for a way to get rich. For each book that the publisher sells, I get a small percentage of the profit. Yes, profit, not the gross, so I’ll be surprised by how the accounting works. A friend of mine who is a prominent author at the SEI told me that he’s happy to get a nice dinner out of his royalty check each year!

That said, I’m very happy that my publisher has agreed to drop the retail price of my book by $10. What that means is that Amazon is offering my book right now for $47.21 with free shipping. That’s not cheap, but it’s not the $65 for the Taylor book. (Gee, that was $90 just a month ago. Its price is bouncing around.)

The other bit of news is that we’re starting up a software architecture and design group in Boulder. You can sign up and come to our meetings. The first meeting is in about a half our at Sherpa’s restaurant (yum!).

Edit 11 July 2010: Revised Amazon link