Advance praise for my book Just Enough Software Architecture, Part IV

I’m honored to have received the following endorsement from Michael Keeling, a blogger on software engineering. I met Michael at the last OOPSLA conference while attending the workshop on Agile and Software Architecture. He is a graduate of CMU’s Master of Software Engineering program.

Just Enough Software Architecture says what everyone is thinking but can’t say because they are tied to various methodologies: Big Design Up Front is bad, you don’t have to document everything, and everyone from the lowest programmer to the project manager needs to understand not just what the architecture of the system is but also why that architecture was chosen. The risk-driven approach to design presented in this book helps software developers understand how much design is needed so they can quickly get back to writing code and providing value to customers in the form of working software.

If you’re only going to read one book on software architecture, start with this one.

Just Enough Software Architecture covers the essential concepts of software architecture everyone – programmers, developers, testers, architects, and managers – needs to know; and it provides pragmatic advice that can be put into practice within hours of reading.

Michael Keeling, Software Engineer at Net Health Systems Inc.