Advance praise for my book Just Enough Software Architecture, Part III

May 20, 2010 | George Fairbanks

I’m honored to have received the following endorsement from a client
who works at at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The Risk-Driven Model approach described in George
Just Enough Software Architecture has been applied to the
eXtensible Information Modeler (XIM) project here at the NASA Johnson
Space Center (JSC) with much success.

George’s approach illustrated to the customer why the system was
designed the way it was from its service layer, data-access layer,
dependency injection support, and even its data architecture. The
high-high quality attribute pairs that fell out of the architecture
process justified the tasks, schedule, and cost of the project. The
modeling constructs have helped communicate the architecture among all
team members and even to prospective new customers. The architecture
has allowed the XIM project to be a success here at JSC and it can
help your project be a success as well.

It is a must for all members of the project from project management
to individual developers. In fact, it is a must for every developer’s
tool belt. (The Code Model section and the anti-patterns alone are
worth the cost of the book!).
Using “Just Enough Software
Architecture” and involving the whole project team in the approach
will go a long way towards project success.

—Christopher Dean, Chief Architect, XIM, Engineering Science Contract Group – NASA Johnson Space Center


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