Advance praise for my book Just Enough Software Architecture, Part II

May 17, 2010 | George Fairbanks

I’m honored to have received the following endorsement from a friend
who works at Microsoft. I previously worked with Nicholas at Carnegie
Mellon in David Garlan’s software architecture research group.

Just Enough Software Architecture will coach you in the
strategic and tactical application of the tools and strategies of
software architecture to your software projects. The first
contribution of this book is a insightful guide that will help you
identify the driving characteristics of your project and develop
goals, value propositions, and implementation strategies for the role
of architectural modeling in your project. Dr. Fairbanks goes on to
provide clear instruction in the tactics and the tools of
architectural modeling that will enable you to achieve your goals for
the overall project.
Whether you are a developer or an architect,
this book is a solid foundation and reference for your architectural

— Nicholas Sherman, Program Manager, Microsoft


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