Advance praise for my book Just Enough Software Architecture, Part I

May 15, 2010 | George Fairbanks

I’m honored to have received the following endorsement from a top
software architecture expert from the Software Engineering
. Paulo has been reading drafts of
my book, Just Enough Software Architecture, over the past few
months and provided essential insights that have improved the book

This book reflects the author’s rare mix of deep
knowledge of software architecture concepts and extensive industry
experience as a developer. If you’re an architect, you will want the
developers in your organization to read this book. If you’re a
developer, do read it. The book is about architecture in real (not
ideal) software projects. It describes a context that you recognize
and then it shows you how to improve your design practice in that

Paulo Merson, Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute, and practicing software architect


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